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Sylvie Woods

Sylvie is a music journalist and singer, who delights in discovering and sharing music.

A mentee of award-winning journalist and CutCommon editor Stephanie Eslake, Sylvie has interviewed the likes of Elena Kats-Chernin, Aled Jones, Il Divo, Katie Noonan, Deborah Cheetham and Sonia Simmenauer, as well as dozens of emerging Australian artists. She has been invited to cover events in Sydney and Melbourne for Stan Australia, Sydney Chamber Opera, Lexus Film Festival, Opera Australia, Bangarra Dance Company, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, The Chamber Project, and others.

Sylvie’s words have been published in Sydney Arts Guide, Sydney Scoop, Megaphone OZ, the BEAST magazine, CutCommon, Audrey Journal, Australian Arts Review, Arts Hub, University of Sydney student paper Honi Soit, and her ideas drawn on in the Opera and Gender Equity Summit Issues Paper by the Australia Council for the Arts.

Social media has proven to be an exciting way for Sylvie’s words to reach a global audience; in 2019, her Sydney Scoop review of Olafur Arnalds’ re:member concert at the Sydney Opera House was retweeted by the Icelandic multi-instrumentalist to his 66.6k Twitter followers, while a throwback to an interview with Sylvie at Universal Music Studios was recently shared to Il Divo’s 180k Instagram followers.

Follow her new adventures here, at The Music with Sylvie. You’ll learn the lessons of established artists, as well as more about young classical musicians carving out extraordinary careers in Australia.

Sylvie works full-time as Communications Coordinator for Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, and performs professionally as a chorister and opera singer.

Hear Sylvie performing Kirsten Milenko’s contemporary classical work Ex Aere, or covers of popular classical songs on Instagram.